Sep. 19, 2018

Born To Fight In Tamil Pdf Download

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A group of athletes helping a poor village must stop an evil tyrant and his men from terrorizing the village.

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original title: Born to Fight

genge: Action,Crime,Drama,Thriller

imdb: 6.2

duration: 1h 36min

keywords: timebomb, village, athlete, nightmare, missile, nuclearmissile, bangkok, general, thailand, flamethrower, persononfire, gatlinggun, commandounit, commandoraid, deception, shottodeath, shotinthechest,


















































Daew is a cop who has nailed the evil gunrunner General Yang, but his partner is killed in the case and Daew becomes depressed. However, his sister asks him to join her and some of her athlete friends to a small village to give food and toys to the villagers. What starts out as a trip to help people turns into a nightmare when Yang's men arrive at the village and take over, demanding the release of Yang or a nuclear missile will hit Bangkok. When villagers are killed left and right, Daew and the athletes must start a revolution against the tyranny before it's too late. A group of athletes helping a poor village must stop an evil tyrant and his men from terrorizing the village. Born to Fight introduce me to a new action hero from Thailand that is Dan Chupong but he not the only one make this movie memorable as an action film but the whole cast as well.Like Ong-Bak one year earlier Born To Fight show how much Thailand action movie care about the action quality with the insane stunt work from not only the young people but also the children and even a handicapped man when they willing throw themselves into death defying stunts that definitely would make Jackie Chan proud.It 2018 and Dan Chupong still sharpening his skills in Thailand movie that I think a brilliant idea cause he don't need Hollywood fame at all and the example is Tony Jaa career when he wasted it in Hollywood with movie like xXx3 I will start out by saying that "Born to Fight" is an action movie in every sense of the word. It is full of adrenaline and martial arts. However, the movie does suffer from a fairly mediocre storyline.

The story in "Born to Fight" is about a drug bust going awry, when Deaw's boss is killed in an explosion. Upset with the situation, Deaw joins his sister and a group of Thailand's top professional athletes to go to a village to do charity work. However, the village falls prey to terrorists demanding the drug lord released, while they plan to blow up Bangkok with a nuclear missile. But Deaw and the athletes do not sit idly by and let this happen.

There is a lot of action sequences in the movie, and they are really nicely executed, plus filmed in great angles as well. Plus there is a lot of martial arts as well. And they even implemented ways to bring in gymnastics, rugby and soccer into the fights, which for most parts worked out nicely enough. Personally, I think the scenes with the soccer and ball-kicking during gunfights was a little bit too much, it just didn't seem all that plausible.

"Born to Fight" had an impressive array of athletes on the cast list, each displaying some impressive stuff from their given fields of expertise. Dan Chupong (playing Deaw) is a great newcomer to the Thai martial arts movies, and I think we will see more great martial arts movies from him in the future. Acting-wise, well not the best of performances in this movie, but it is not the acting you watch these movies for, it is the sheer, brutal action.

However, the storyline in "Born to Fight" was very predictable, you knew immediately how the movie would end. Plus it was something that didn't bring anything particularly new to the genre. Sure there were new stunts and fights, but the plot in general was generic and stereotypical, which was a shame, because it did bring down the movie a bit. And also, for a Thai action movie, then "Born to Fight" didn't fully bring what you'd expect from it. It had a lot of great action, but in other Thai action movies, you just get that one extra length, which was missing from this movie.

The fighting in "Born to Fight" was great. I, personally, really love watching Thai martial arts movies, because they are so raw, brutal and direct. You can see how feet and hands impact with whatever they are striking, and you can see that it is forceful and hard hitting. Lots of contact with knees and elbows to various parts of the body. And in "Born to Fight" you also have a lot of scenes where people bang against various physical objects; wooden fences, poles, etc. and you can see that it is real and there is a lot of speed and force behind those impacts, which makes you either cringe and curl your toes in sympathy pain, or makes you go 'wow, that is just awesome'. And that is one of the great things about Thai martial arts movies; no wires, no silken gloves, just sheer, pure action.


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